The Documentary

Production Goldor
Director Jean-Pierre Coppens
Photography Paul De Cock
Editing Robbie Delaere and Tony Verbruggen
Narration Shirin Wheeler and Simon Shrimpton-Smith
Camera Equipment ES Broadcast Media
Editing Facilities Editors in Motion
Colorist Peter Bernaers
Language English and Nepalese
Subtitles English and Dutch
Duration 83 minutes (original) / 71 minutes (festival) / 52 minutes (tv)

Early 2010 three Flemish students went to Nepal for three months to teach at the Brick Children School in Tikathali, an Unesco project that aims at education for all.  Against the backdrop of Nepal, a country of myths and legends at the foot of the Himalayas, the documentary Brick By Brick tells the story of Sunita and Shila, two teenage girls who live, work and go to school in the Ram Kazi brick yard.  Brick By Brick wants to give a voice to the ‘Nobodies’, dirt poor labourers who live and work in miserable conditions in the 150 brick yards scattered over the Kathmandu valley.